The Art of Craftsmanship


It started with a journey entitled ‘Again & Again – Inspiration and Excellence in Perpetuity’, where Sanlam Private Wealth explored the powerful meeting point between wealth and art. Today, we’re taking a step further as we introduce a new group of creative visionaries. 

‘The Art of Craftsmanship’ is the second leg of this exciting journey, celebrating the time-honed skills of iconic craftsmen whose passion, dedication and attention to detail can be likened to that of our seasoned
investment managers.

Indeed, what inspires and compels master craftsmen to produce creations that live on long into the future is also what drives us at Sanlam Private Wealth to craft private client solutions that withstand the test of time.

By expertly applying the tools of our trade, we’re able to grow and preserve your wealth, now and for generations to come – echoing our promise: Your wealth. Our craft.


Craig Paul

Craftsman and surfboard shaper Craig Paul is continuing his father’s legacy of crafting custom surfboards.
To create his masterpieces, Craig uses a hands-on approach guided by passion, dedication and hard-earned experience.


Brian Keswa

Goldsmith Brian Xolani Keswa believes that to create a masterpiece of high quality and lasting value, it’s key to have an in-depth knowledge of the person you are designing it for. Combining this knowledge with superior skill, patience and attention to detail is what allows him to create something timeless.


Nic & Andri Janeke

Master distillers Nic and Andri Janeke apply skill, passion and dedication to create artisanal, handcrafted gin. Getting to know the ins and outs of every step of the distillery process and then innovating is what allows the pair to produce a product of superior quality.


Darryn Clark

Darryn William Clark is a clockmaker who – by applying time-honed skill, patience and persistence – repairs, restores and preserves clocks for future generations. He believes that to be a true craftsman, you need to constantly aspire to better yourself and improve your skill set.


Rikku Marais-Ó’Donnchü

Michelin chef Rikku Marais-Ó’Donnchü believes that to master your craft, constantly refined skill, innovation and thorough knowledge of your field is crucial. Calculated risks, based on sound principles, are what allow Rikku to develop new concepts that dazzle and delight his patrons.


Alex Stoos

Master craftsman Alex Stoos restores and customises motorcycles by applying his skill, as well as dedication, inspiration and hard-earned experience. He believes that to create truly customised masterpieces, you need to carefully consider the dreams and goals of each client. This allows him to create something that’s both unique and timeless.





Wealth Management

Our international cluster of specialist teams work with you and your wealth manager to create an integrated plan to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.

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Fiduciary and Tax

As a high net worth individual your local and offshore tax and fiduciary needs can be complex. We can assist you with structuring local and offshore trusts, international estate planning, exchange controls and tax matters across jurisdictions.

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Investment Management

We manage a comprehensive range of local and global equity-only or multi-asset portfolios, crafted to meet your needs. We also offer customised Shariah-compliant portfolios. In addition, we collaborate with third party providers to offer collective investments, private equity, hedge funds and structured products.

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Credit Lending

If you have an investment portfolio with us, you have the option of using your local and offshore equities to secure credit. The service is fast and flexible, and offered at highly competitive rates.

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Stockbroking and Derivatives Trading

We offer a range of institutional and retail equity and derivative trading services, including an online share trading platform should you prefer to self-manage your portfolio.

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