Naspers sets date for Amsterdam listing
Investments / 2019.06.13

Naspers sets date for Amsterdam listing

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Global technology and media giant Naspers has announced the date it plans to list its international internet assets on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange: Wednesday 17 July 2019. There will also be a secondary, inward listing on the JSE.

In a circular to shareholders released last month, Naspers states it will seek shareholder approval on 28 June for the process of listing a new group (NewCo) comprising its non-South African assets on the Euronext.

Naspers N shareholders will be issued with newly-created Naspers M ordinary shares which, post-listing, will be exchanged for NewCo shares (the default option). Shareholders can also elect to be issued with additional Naspers N ordinary shares instead of receiving NewCo shares.

Elections for shareholders will run from 1–19 July. While there should be no tax event for investors choosing Naspers N shares, there may well be tax implications for South African tax residents receiving Naspers M shares converting to NewCo shares.

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