Offshore Investments
What We Offer

Offshore Investments

Offshore opportunities can offer added value in hedging against domestic currency and sovereign risk.

Our portfolio and wealth managers can design an offshore portfolio that caters for your own specific investment goals and objectives that complements your investment strategy for a diversified portfolio.

Our international partners can offer you the following:

  • A tailored international portfolio
  • An international trading account
  • A portfolio of international mutual funds
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Wealth Management

Our international cluster of specialist teams work with you and your wealth manager to create an integrated plan to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.

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Fiduciary and Tax

As a high net worth individual your local and offshore tax and fiduciary needs can be complex. We can assist you with structuring local and offshore trusts, international estate planning, exchange controls and tax matters across jurisdictions.

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Investment Management

We manage a comprehensive range of local and global equity-only or multi-asset portfolios, crafted to meet your needs. We also offer customised Shariah-compliant portfolios. In addition, we collaborate with third party providers to offer collective investments, private equity, hedge funds and structured products.

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Credit Lending

If you have an investment portfolio with us, you have the option of using your local and offshore equities to secure credit. The service is fast and flexible, and offered at highly competitive rates.

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Stockbroking and Derivatives Trading

We offer a range of institutional and retail equity and derivative trading services, including an online share trading platform should you prefer to self-manage your portfolio.

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